Installation of CROME at the North Experimental Hall 1 (EHN1) is on-going

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Building 887 also called EHN1, for North Experimental Hall 1is 55 metres wide and 330 metres long and is therefore CERN’s biggest. But the North Area is vaster still: it also includes the Neutrino Platform, housed in a recent extension of Building 887, several other halls that are home to the “NA” (North Area) experiments, such as NA58 (COMPASS)NA61 (SHINE)NA62 and NA64, as well as many test areas, essential for the development of future detector and accelerator components.



EHN1 is one of the most complex zone for ARCON2CROME installation with more than 40 CROME bulks, 6 CROME racks, 6 CROME junction boxes, many alarms units and uninterruptible power supplies connected with kilometers of cables. 

Hamza Boukabache


Hamza Boukabache


Hamza Boukabache


CROME Hamza Boukabache


Beam line EHN1






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