The main purposes of the CROME project are: 

  • To provide an alternative solution to RAMSES monitors that is flexible, cost effective and that is designed and developed at CERN
  • To guarantee the intellectual property ownership by using in-house talents and expertise and limiting dependency on a single supplier
CROME Production


The objectives of the CROME production phase are:

  • Delivery of the first batch of series new monitors with associated alarm units and uninterruptible power supplies by the end of 2019 ready for installation on site as a scale test for final validation
  • Delivery of 225 monitors :
    • 100 in Bulk version 
    • 125 in Rack version
  • Delivery of 31 rack chassis 
  • Delivery of 100 wall supports    
  • Delivery of 105 alarm units
  • Delivery of 100 uninterruptible power supplies in wall version 
  • Delivery of 60 uninterruptible power supplies in rack version
  • Delivery of 13 CROME junction boxes 
  • Delivery of 3 CROME Cases
  • and ancillary equipment to be made available to the operation team for the effective replacement of the ARCON radiation protection chains during LS2

CROME manufacturing at CERN is possible through a complex supply chain that combines internal and external partners. 

External partners



Internal partners

Indus interne CERN CROME