Early-Career Professionals Opportunity : Embedded Firmware Engineer for SoC/FPGA

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Embedded Firmware Engineer for SoC/FPGA (ref. HSE-RP-IL-1)


CERN designs, develops, and operates particle accelerators and experiments for scientific research to understand the fundamental laws of the universe. These activities may generate stray radiation due to the interaction between beams and matter. The radiation detectors installed close to the various beam lines and targets allow CERN to accurately monitor radiation levels. Within the Radiation Protection (RP) Group at CERN, the Instrumentation & Logistics (IL) Section is responsible for the design and the development of this specialised equipment, as well as its installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Radiation monitoring is essential to enable CERN to operate its accelerator complex and related experiments while fulfilling its legal obligations to protect the public, people working on CERN site and the environment. In this stringent context, the RP-IL Section has developed a new generation of radiation monitoring system called CROME (https://crome.web.cern.ch) for CERN Radiation Monitoring Electronics with very challenging performances and reliability requirements.

Within the framework of this development activity, the RP-IL Section has designed two complementary electronics:

1. A new generation of ASIC front-end with specific requirements linked to radiation protection detectors. This circuit is a ten-decade silicon CMOS current to frequency converter capable of measuring a current over a wide range from 2fA to 20 µA;

2. A modular and reconfigurable electronics based on a heterogeneous multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) for both real-time control and complex computation.

You  will work among a team of engineers and technicians to:

  • Consolidate CROME Firmware and development ecosystem;
  • Adapt the MPSoC architecture to perform the required communication and calculations;
  • Characterise newly designed system;
  • Perform typical functional and performance tests.

The skills and/or technologies you should have and/or know:

  • VHDL coding, simulation and synthesis with advanced knowledge of HDL design
  • C/C++ coding
  • Linux embedded OS
  • GitLab CI/CD

Language requirements: fluency in English, the ability to work in French would be an advantage.


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