End of CROME Project and ARCON Replacement - Number 2

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In my capacity as CROME Project Leader,  I (Hamza Boukabache) will continue my serie of posts to acknowledge the major stakeholder of the project. With the restart of CERN accelerators and the end of LS2, I would like in this second post to acknowledge : 

  1. The development team : 
    • Michel Pangallo, Senior electronics engineer and CROME Project Lead Deputy 
    • Gael Ducos, LabVIEW Expert, HDL developper and a brilliant electronics engineer
    • Saskia Hurst, Reliability engineer. The first student that I have hired for CROME project. She performed her master thesis with us and then worked with us for 3 more years as a fellow. She performed the complete Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Study (RAMS) analysis of CROME.
    • Ciaran Toner, FPGA developper. The first fellow that I have hired for CROME project. He did an amazing job. You can find here a paper that summarize the work that we have done for SoC some years ago.
    • Nicola Gerber, Digital electronics engineer. He started as a technical student, did his master thesis with us and then continued with us as a fellow 
    • Katharina Ceesay-Seitz, Verification and Software developper. She also did her master thesis with us before working as a fellow for 3 years. Her contribution to CROME and verification fields was published in many articles :  Exemple 1, Exemple 2 ...   
    • Amitabh Yadav, currently a fellow with us who contributing to the software/firmware development and consolidation of CROME
    • Uwe Kaeflin, (Ext) Mechanical engineer 
    • Jarosław Szumega, Technical student and Software engineer. You can find here some results of our work together. 
    • Tom Desdoits, Technical student, a nuclear engineer who performed his master internship with us 
    • Olivia Bory-Devisme and Marvin Leveneur our short term summer students who contributed with climatic chamber tests and this website creation respectively 
  2. The installation team :
    • Guillaume Michet, Maintenance and Operation Team Leader 
    • Jeremy Rosset-Lanchet, Maintenance and Operation Team Leader Deputy 
    • Diego Macias Canas, Maintenance and Operation Team
    • Suleyman Dinger, installation team leader
    • Stephane Ambrosi, installation team
    • Frederic Magnin, maintenance team
  3. The Users Representative 
    • Markus Widorski, RP Physicist who collected and compiled the functional requirements 
  4. The management 
    • Daniel Perrin, our head of section and Program leader (Special thanks to Daniel who recruited me :) ) 
My first recrutements in 2015/2016 ... The story started with Saskia  following to a discussion with TE-MPE who advised me to have a collaboration with Stuttgart university. The next one was Ciaran. He was working at ESA (European Space Agency) before joining. We all miss his legendary humour !!




Above in the top left, you can see the CROME cake that Katharina has made. It was a super good CAKE ! The second photo in the bottom from the right, you can see Katharina being filmed by a team from TUV Austria for her Science Award for her master thesis entitled " Automated verification of a System-on-Chip for radiation protection fulfilling Safety Integrity Level 2 ". You can watch the video (in German) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YU8o2H20WA where Katharina gives a nice overview about CROME System. 

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